Covid 19 Protocol

We follow these guidelines:

  • Staff awareness:We have conducted training for all our staff on what COVID-19 is, how it is transmitted, the presenting symptoms and the measures to be taken to prevent contamination and transmission.
  • Guest awareness: We have placed COVID-19 posters in strategic public areas around all our hotels for guest awareness. Our staff will also politely advise guests at check-in on COVID-19 and how to prevent transmission.
  • Personal hygiene:We have re-enforced the importance of personal hygiene for our staff as they conduct their duties in their various workstations. This includes the thorough and increased frequency of washing of hands using soap and water; avoidance of touching the face; observe hygienic practice when sneezing or coughing; practice social distance with guests and fellow staff.
  • Hand sanitisation:We have rolled-out hand sanitisation for all guests and staff at all hotel access points. Hand sanitisers have been placed throughout all our hotels for ease of access for our guests. The same has been done implemented in the back – of – house for all staff.
  • Routine cleaning:We have increased our cleaning intervals of public areas high contact surfaces such as reception counters, door handles, table tops, elevator doors and buttons.
  • Guests with symptoms of illness:Any guest presenting symptoms will be placed in a special area whilst our staff notify health authorities for assistance.